Week in Review

WOAHHHHHHH is anyone still out there? I vowed to keep this thing up and I did REALLY good for a while and lately…well, in all honesty, life has hit me–HARD. This last week has brought a little sunshine so I thought I would share via Clean Eats, Fast Feets in a Week in Review!

So……A week ago I was in New Orleans with my sister. Bucket list item for me AND our first “sisters” trip with no kids!

About half way to the airport I realized I forgot to pack a book 😦  I used to read books in a weekend but then I became a working mom and that went out the window!  I can always get through a book when I travel–that is when I remember to bring one and what really sucks is I have a bookcase full of books I want to read at home :\  Anyhoo…I looked up one of the first bloggers I started to follow years ago for her book list because she always seemed to have some good ones on there…I found this, which turned out to be fantastic!  Thank you to Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers for this great pick!



Take off is my favorite LOL–anyone else fascinated with clouds?  I always take a few pics of them.  Just for me 😀

I flew Delta on the way out and I’m definitely giving them a thumbs up!  Well really I just fly them for the cookies ha!


But why does the coffee ALWAYS taste like pond water??????  I usually don’t drink it but they had the AC set at like -14 no lie!  I flew American on the way home–sorry guys but thumbs down on that one and I believe it’s been a while since I’ve flown on one of their flights.  #deltaalltheway

I ate my packed meals but ventured over to the food court in search of something green LOL and I have to say, I was impressed with the much larger variety of “healthier” stuff–this power salad was amazing!  Coupled with my trusty MaxMuscle protein I had a great airport meal–by the way this is my new favorite flavor and yes I brought the whole bag with me 🙂


power salad

Raining when we arrived but our next four days were absolutely perfect!  There was a food festival going on——–HELLO that’s why I came!  Absolutely amazing.  I don’t drink much but…while in NOLA…


I think I had a headache more than half the time I was there.  No idea *shrugs*

Bourbon Street was something to see during the day but even more so at night…


Oh the things you see………………………

We hit all the hot spots, ate all the food, drank, danced (lots shared on my Facebook and Instagram) and a blast.  I was sad when it came to an end ;-(


I arrived home safely with no issues and of course vacation is always fun but there’s no place like home!

Tell me — what travel destination is on your bucket list?


Week in Review and a REDO!

appleHello and Happy Monday!  It’s freakin cold!  Thank goodness for seat warmers 😀  I’m always inspired to write after visiting Clean Eats, Fast Feets so once again, joining for the Week In Review link up!

Last week seemed long to me, however, I read several other people’s statements about how quickly it went by.

I left you last week with my kitchen and recipe disaster but I’m happy to report I gave it another shot this weekend and the result–fantastic for such a small amount of ingredients!  I have some cherry juice that needs using up and I may give that a whirl too!  I will post the recipe under the FOOD tab so be sure to come back and check if you want a quick and relatively healthy apple cider muffin recipe.  I have an apple cider donut recipe in the works too! Oh and my oats were custom made and had sprinkles which is why there is a touch of color!

So last week was busy at work, doctor appointments, hair appointments  and finally a quiet weekend at home.  I spent a lot of the weekend in food prep mode to include, but not limited to: curry chicken, prepped a pork loin that I will throw in the oven probably tomorrow, marinating some skinny hot chicken–one of my kiddo’s favorites, baked some delicata squash<anyone eat this?  I’ve been hearing great things.  Excited to have some post-workout tonight!

I also tested out some “new to me” things…Blue Diamond Pumpkin Spice Almonds, Man Dip (some buffalo chicken dip my kiddo picked out–tasty!) and White fudge covered Oreos<<<<< where have these been all my life?  Seriously.

Halloween tomorrow.  I love Halloween–not LOVE like some people…I think my favorite part is all the little ones that come to my house although those numbers dwindle every year 😦  OH and candy!  I wanted to buy the big bag of stuff I don’t like…then I saw a meme about being cheap LOL!  So I bought the good stuff and if there’s any leftovers, I’ll bring it to work 😉  RIGHT………. I may get my 50something dollars out of that Teletubbie costume I bought for my son a little while back and wear it to work.  He says I should definitely do it–can you see me rolling up to Ft. Bragg’s gate guard with that on LOL.  I think I might.

Ok I’ve rambled enough about my week—how was yours??


Week In Review

Happy Monday!  I always feel like I don’t have a lot to say about the last week but then I do…top of my list?  We had another great (read: warm) weekend and I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!  I really wanted to attend the Dogwood Festival but my son was busy all day Saturday and said we would go that night and then was too tired 😦  It was still a lovely weekend despite the photo you see but we’ll get to that 😀

So I got my stitches out at my dermatologist office and thumbs up for another year!  So relieved.

Picked up my 40lbs of chicken from Zaycon and I have salmon coming next month!  If you have never checked them out, eat a lot of protein and like to buy in bulk at GREAT prices, give it a click!  I have been using them for years and have never been disappointed.

Had my Bod Pod done and AMAZINGLY, four weeks into my reverse, my BF% was down!  Just a teeny bit but I’ll take it because of course as offseason progresses, it’s inevitable it will go up because that just how it works.  It’s just a number.  I just like to watch the trends and it is available to me free of charge at work.  It realllllly doesn’t matter.  I’m just a numbers geek!

Saturday I went to the mall.  For the first time in ummmmm 6 years?  The last time  was 2011 to work a health fare.  I don’t dislike the mall.  I just feel I don’t have time?  I had to get my son’s girlfriend a gift card from Victoria’s Secret for her birthday.  Mall opened at 1000.  I was in line by 1030 and there were 15 people ahead of me :O  THEN I ventured over Bath & Body<

I really wanted to try the venison sandwich at Arby’s that rolled out Saturday and I’m NOT a fast food eater.  Not because it’s bad (well, some is not great) but  I saw one good review and two negative…I’m certain it’s not the same as growing up in Vermont and eating venison.  I just want venison.  Christmas—I will get some real shit!

Next up was an epic Sunday morning.  My son is famous for wanting me to buy things that are kind of expensive and then just not finishing them.  Apple cider is expensive here–like $6 for a small jug.  Anyhoo…I didn’t want it to go to waste.  So, of course, I found a muffin recipe!  As I was making it, I was thinking hmmm this batter is awfully thin…says it will thicken.  Well I just went with it and threw them in the oven.  Bake 24 minutes.  By 20 my oven was a smokinggggggggggggg!

apple mufGUYS this is what I found LOL.  All I could do was laugh…baffled.  Figured I could scoop them out and make like apple err crisp?  So I sat down to calculate the macros anyway (I’m going to try again) and just kept wondering WTF and THEN…

Yup.  The light bulb went on.  It said 3 cups oats.  I used 3 servings.  As in a serving is a half a cup 😀 😀

You win some you lose some.

P.S.  The muffin tin went in the bin–as in the trash bin!

How was your week?  Please do tell–and be sure to visit the wonderful host of this link up, Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets!