Week In Review

Last week was a series of unfortunate events that I can only laugh at.  Maybe you need a laugh today too?

On Monday I was strolling through the parking lot at work.  Sun shining, wind blowing annnnd a damn bee flew in my hair!  If you know me at all you this causes an immediate panic attack.  I have no idea who saw the show in the parking lot but I was not convinced it was out until I got back inside to check the situation out.  I looked like I had been attacked by something.  Completely disheveled.  I know I looked like a fool running around swinging my head like a crazy person but I can’t help it LOL.

On Tuesday I slammed my finger between two 45lb plates.  I don’t mean “nicked” it either.  I honestly wanted to cry and go home and say lots of bad words all at once.  It turned purple and my worst fear is it would turn black and my nail would fall off but it appears to be healing quite nicely.

I’m itching to go to the beach.  Random interruption here.

On Saturday I cleaned out my fridge woohoo!  Except that wasn’t exactly the plan.  I went to put my creamer back in the fridge and tipped it so I could squeeze it into it’s cozy little spot behind a few things.  Only problem was the top wasn’t on.  Poured cream all over the fridge, which promptly leaked all over the floor.  Womp womp.

I then went and watched grown men in banana hammocks get oiled up and make funny faces on stage–a/k/a attended a bodybuilding show.  I also got to hang with a dear friend I don’t see often enough ❤

I had grand plans for Cinco de Mayo that never came to fruitation.

Sunday was rough.  Anxiety ridden.  Unfortunately I worry a lot and sometimes can't get out of my own head.  My son said I needed a drink.  Or some Ben & Jerry's LOL.  He keeps me sane.  I'm better today.  Quite frankly I'm having one of those days where I feel full of "piss n vinegar" as my Grandma would say.  Like it's 2PM and I wish I could be at the gym killin' it.  By 5 I'll feel like death.

I did make some damn good zucchini muffins for a friend at work.  I also bought M&Ms for my boss and didn't eat them before I got here today!  #winning


How was your week?  Tell me something good!!!  And be sure to check out what’s happening over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets!



Thinking Out Loud

Good morning! I know I’m a tad bit late on Thursdays are For Thinking Out Loud but clearly we do this every day of the week–at least I do! Thank you to Amanda over at Running With Spoons for hosting! Some random thoughts and things…

It’s Friday!  I felt like yesterday should have been Friday but I guess you’ll have that.  I changed my check-in day with my coach to Thursday and since it’s been Friday for so long it just felt like Friday!  Now that I am in full off season mode and had a bit of time to digest the “I quit” mentality, I figured it’s ok to talk about it.  I struggled–a LOT to quit.  I didn’t really quit, but in my head I did 😦  Too many life changes, financial BOMBS, health issues and my son really wanting to make a trip home for the Holidays just kept making me feel like it wasn’t the best time to think about ME.  Bodybuilding is just a hobby.  It will be there next year.  It can only benefit me in several ways to give my body more time off…more time to grow cuz….FOOD ha!  In 14 weeks I managed to drop 22–yes TWENTY-TWO lbs.  Yikes.  I tend to get a little…fluffy in my off season time and every year I say I’m going to do better…stay tuned!

Enough of that.  Have you heard the guy sing the Subway song?  About a turkey sandwich?  I swear I can’t remember the last time I ate at Subway but hearing him sing about a turkey sandwich had me feeling some kinda way yesterday!  I think I was just hungry.

On that same note…Biscuitville in  Pawley’s Island, SC.  I’m going to need to make a road trip there if I see the chicken biscuit with spicy pimento cheese commercial on television one more time LOL!  The crazy thing is I hardly watch TV.  We have basic cable but I like my news.  Yikes I sound like my father.  Growing up the news was on every morning and every night and I complained and sighed really loud and now…………..I do this.  Funny how life is eh?  Some people don’t like to watch the news (it is rather depressing at times–especially lately) but I like to know what’s going on in the world–and I’m getting old and watch the weather 😀

lil buff

I won a thing!!  I never win.  Thanks to Aria Adamy, I won a Lil Buff Protein Cake Mix gift card.  You can find their website if you click on the their Instagram link or Aria’s–and some great recipe ideas.  And don’t forget to check out my Instagram while you are over there if you haven’t already.

I have some great shots of my fun photo shoot to post from last weekend too!

I have a HelloFRESH gift card sitting on my desk.  Has anyone tried this?  I’ve tried one of these services before but I don’t remember which one.  Unfortunately, as a family of two, ONE of us being a very HUNGRY teenager, there was enough food for one…on the family plan!  That “one” was not me.  I know what you were thinking–see above reference to fluffy offseason 😉

And on a final note………..my A** hurts.  I started a new training program last night.  I knew when I left the gym I was going to be sore.  #winning

OK I’ve rambled enough.  Happy Friday and have a great weekend!