So it’s been a minute since I’ve been here…

Hi folks!  It has been far too long since I’ve gotten back to this.  I last wrote in November…on my way to Miami.  Let’s just say that didn’t go well LOL.

So, instead, let’s talk about the future or maybe the past–yikes–8 months!  I’ve been attempting a successful off-season (translation: trying not to get too chubby), traveling, being incredibly busy (and bored, let’s be real) at work.  Teaching my teenager to drive.  I must note since finishing driver’s education he has become an incredibly annoying backseat driver!

Summer is here in NC and it is HOT but I love it.  I’ve started prep for my next show…the plan is to head back to Miami and attempt to redeem myself.  I hope you will follow my journey which will be real, and raw.  I also want to get back to my food stuff (I’ve got an oldie but a goodie under the fun page coming later today) and my fitness stuff but not just bodybuilding because fitness is so much more.  Maybe we can chat about some specific topics?  Please let me know if you have ideas.  Hoping to do a bit more traveling this summer which is my idea of fun so although not extravagant travels, I hope to share my road trips and of course, my FOOD!

Thanks for stopping by and I intend to provide enough content on a consistent <<see what I did there 🙂 basis.  So hopefully I can entertain, share knowledge and ideas and maybe inspire those of you interested in fitness, food or just a bit of fun!

New ideas

Hi!  Its been a few days…today is my last day in town before heading to Miami to compete and then I promise to be more present here…and share so I’m not alone.  SPEAKING OF…I’ve proposed to my mom to become my partner…she is the BEST cook ever.  I learned everything I know from her and some of my best childhood memories are in the kitchen with her.  Now I have definitely veered WAAAAY off the track of the way my mom cooks…but in a good way–I want to “healthify” everything if you will.  Sometimes that works…and sometimes it is a BIG FAT FAIL.  I use my teenager as my tester–I figure if a teenager will eat it and like it, anyone will!  HA!  So…the idea is to have my mom help me with this blog (she’s great with a camera!) and find consistency << in moderation with indulgent and … not so indulgent?  Thoughts?  I know my thoughts right now are nothing but indulgent after dieting for TWENTY FIVE weeks!  Wish me luck ya’ll!!!!!!!



What I Ate Wednesday

Don’t get excited. I’m not sharing what I ate. Why? Because 1. BORING and 2. I have no idea how to insert a photo…so much to learn.
I mean I could tell you what I’ve eaten so far but that’s even more boring than some pictures of some boring food.

I’m thinking of taking a course on this blogging thing and have a few in mind. I swear I’m not giving up.

I fly one week from tomorrow and will compete on Saturday, 19 November. I promise after that, things will get better!

Week In Review

Well Happy Monday and Happy Halloween peeps! I made an attempt to “dress up” for work…I have what I call an orange 70s outfit…unfortunately I have no a** to hold the pants up :\ You can check it out on my Instagram (@lesliemirinda) and follow me there too! Warning: selfies and sometimes inappropriate things<<not the selfies, but funny stuff I don't need my mother, grandmother, family, etc. reading on my Facebook but you can find me there too (

This my be short and sweet but I'm going to try another link up (my last one failed). This one is your week in review. Now I believe it is supposed to run Monday to Sunday…no idea when I wrote my birth certificate fiasco but let's start with the day after that…guess what I found… :\ Yup, my birth certificate. AFTER I got online to find out how to get another one from the State of Connecticut–to the tune of $62.00 :O So I called to cancel (had been less than 24 hours) and nope. Already processed. The good news is my entry to Nationals in Miami is in the mail which is what I needed it for in the first place–like I haven't done this before and they need my birth certificate AGAIN. I won't complain about that as much as the entry fee–$325! This is an expensive hobby folks!

Friday I got a cheat meal from coach YAY! My son and I went to Ruby Tuesday. Coach said burger and fries…I wanted the damn salad bar lol. But I had my burger and fries too. Salad bar is so much more fun when you can eat their yummy croutons–you ever had them? Must try.

Saturday…ah! I worked with my sponsor, Max Muscle of Fayetteville and the grand opening for this great place that just opened in town called Clean Eatz. If you are local, check them out! It was a beautiful day to be outside talking to peeps about things I love–food and fitness!

Sunday was an odd day…just felt off…did some posing and realized ummm I need to do more. It tired me out and I was a bit shaky. No bueno.

So there is my mini version…hoping the link up works so I'm not the only one reading this! AND I'm going to take notes this week for next week's week in review–ya'll won't believe the crazy sh*t that runs through my head or some of the dumb things…anyhoo stay tuned!


Did you know there is such a thing as Thinking Out Loud Thursday?  Well…I have a lot to say today…or think out loud.  I’m 3 weeks out from my show and a.m. cardio is basically putting one foot in front of the other this week

My registration, etc. must be postmarked tomorrow…so today I look for my birth certificate as I must include a copy…but I can’t find it.  What?  Who am I?  I’m really organized–there is even a file that says “Birth Certificates”.  I have my son’s, my ex-husband’s but can’t find mine.  While looking for it I also found a gift card–an expired one. . .

At work trying to be positive and not do anything I’m going to regret later (eat chocolate?).

I’m going to attempt my first link up to TOL…maybe someone will read this blog besides the guy who helped me create it 😀

And another happy Monday!

So maybe this is going to be a once a week thing for now?  Or has it been a week…or two?  I can’t remember.  The biggest reason for this is I am FOUR weeks out from my next show.  This means I’m a little tired, a little hungry and a little cranky 😀  I honestly cannot wait to get back to the kitchen to create some yummy healthy (and some not so healthy) things and eat ALL THE PUMPKIN!  I’m excited for the holidays.  I will be staying home and have family coming which makes me incredibly happy!  I hope you have a wonderful week and say hi so I know this is actually out there in cyberworld!



Happy Monday!

OK folks I’m going to try this blogging thing again.  For real.  I tried about two years ago and then again about two months ago but really.  So a consistent fitness life consists of, well, everything and I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation.  Sooooooo…we will do some fitnessy stuff and lots of food stuff and life stuff.  It may be kind of random at first until we figure out where the interest lies.  Are you ready?