Thinking Out Loud

I’m planning to actually get some work done today-YAY!  In my real life job that is.  I wish blogging and coming up with new recipes was my job but for now…this is also the reason my recipe posts have been few and far between but I’m working on it!

Yesterday and the day before were nothing but meeting after meeting after training–like how do people sit in meetings all day?  ACK!  I felt like I had ants in my pants!!!  Note to self: when sitting in a meeting and a co-worker brings you a diet Coke–save it for later.  Ya’ll I rarely burp but give me diet soda :O TMI?  HA HA Good times!  Don’t worry I was respectful!

I have an event to attend tonight that I’m kinda excited about.  I’d be more excited if the dress I bought fit 😦  It is a Gatsby Gala so I bought a simple, cute flapper dress.  Can’t get it over my head LOL.  Apparently, I’m not a size small.  Who knew?  The real downer is the place I bought it from has the most horrible customer service!  I e-mailed about instructions for returning (it didn’t come with any).  They e-mailed back asking for pictures?  Wait, what?  I replied, nicely and explained.  They sent a second e-mail asking if I would keep the item and accept a “partial refund”?  PARTIAL refund my a**–it won’t go over my head!  THEN  my purchase and customer service but when I click on the link it says “Please purchase the lovely item first”!  Oh boy.  I will get this resolved.  Needless to say, I would NOT recommend shopping at Dress Link!

OK back to happy thoughts.  How about some chocolate?


These were good–sweet but good!  NOT as good as the cookie crunch.  You should get some–Ghiradelli has some great deals right now on their website:
Shop Gift Baskets + Save 10% on orders $100+ with code JANUARY10 at!

Valentine’s Day is coming!

But so are Girl Scout cookies!!!  WOOHOO!

So tell me your thoughts…you know the things you think but don’t always say?  And don’t forget to see what’s happening in everyone’s thoughts over at Running With Spoons–huge thanks to Amanda for hosting!


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