Week in Review

Good morning and happy Monday.  I’m especially happy today.  I am a government employee and unless you are living under a rock, you know our government is a mess right now.  I drove into work not knowing if I would stay or go…but I’m still here!  Amazingly grateful I am exempt from the current shutdown/furlough.  Of course this could change at any time but for today, I am grateful!

So…my week in review is more like uhhhhh a month in review?  Nah.  You’d be asleep by the end.  I’ve been busy.  Traveling and stuffing my face but I already admitted that in last week’s Thinking Out Loud because confession is good for you 😀

Since I can hardly remember what I ate for breakfast…last week was a holiday on Monday, followed by cold, ice and a lot of no school and short work days.  Aside from the cold…and teenage boys at my house all day eating all the food, I can’t complain.  Snow days = new snacks because…boredom?  HA!  Not really.  More like procrastination because I can’t think of a single productive thing I did besides the usual cleaning, laundry and cooking because those are a must.  Or at least someone told me that.  I did receive some new peanut butter though *happy dance*!

naked pb

maple pb

I love all peanut butter and I love maple but I have to say the naked was actually better than the maple.  However, if you put it on this…


I actually didn’t because this needed no help–it was AMAZING all on its own!  And I’m not even a pretzel fan.  I give this a 10/10!

Despite the snacks, I am back to being WAY more consistent on my macros than I have been.  Hopefully this pays off.  Quickly.  Like tomorrow.  Too much to ask?  Three weeks til vacation!!!!!!  Not bikini weather where I’m going so no strict dieting until after that’s over.  I’d like to compete this summer so I’m going to continue to enjoy for now.

Can you guess where I’m going??


How was your week?  Are you kicking ass in 2018?  Make some new friends and find out about a week in the life of others over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets!


2 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. A good jar of nut butter makes everything better. Snacks don’t hurt either. I swear I spend more time eating the tiny human’s snacks than she does.


    I’m envious at the thought of your vacation. Hopefully it’s somewhere warm and relaxing…and apparently full of camels. 🙂

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