Thursdays Are For Thinking Out Loud

lifeWOOHOO it’s Thursday, also known as Friday Eve 🙂  I have a lot of thoughts this week.  I’d like to know yours too…as always, linking up with one of my favorite blogs, Running With Spoons—thank you Amanda!

So the word of the week is impulse.  Ever make impulse buys?  Gosh I normally don’t but this week I’ve made three!  Hoping to be able to review them all and let ya’ll know!  Unfortunately one of them involved self check-out at WalMart where I charged myself three times for one item and didn’t realize it until the next day.  Like do you go back and say really I didn’t purchase nor eat three of these.  Yeah no.

So I was listening to the radio–Bob and Sheri they are my favorite!  So they were discussing 23andMe and  Have you heard of these?  What do you think?  Like finding out you and your sister do not have the same father but your mother has passed so………..I don’t know.  I guess it might be interesting.  Maybe I don’t want to know LOL?

Another thing discussed on the radio was being born on third base and thinking you hit a triple.  I’ve never heard this before.  I thought about it all day ha!

So I’ve only driven one of those fancy push to start (side note–I have a friend with a tattoo of a red dot on his a** that says push to start under it :O) vehicles for about a year.  Huge adjustment for me and damn if some days I don’t pull in the parking lot at work and can’t find my keys.  Well dumbass you drove here!  Anyhoo…

So my views are up on my blog and I’m very excited!  It appears if I write, people read!  Who knew! ?

Ok enough thoughts for today or ya’ll might think I’m crazy and not come back 😀

What do you think about my thoughts?  What are YOUR thoughts?

Have a fantastic day!


Week In Review

Hello people! Sorry I’ve been MIA this past week. Sometimes life just happens. So today I am going to link up with Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week In Review.  Kind of like an achievement list, an ode to yourself, a celebration is how she describes it.

So…I can hardly remember what I ate for breakfast say nothing about what I did a week ago but I can hit the highlights –in my case some lowlights too but I guess you’ll have that, right?

I know I did start last week off with a much needed massage–it’s been months and had a gift certificate.  Oh–and washed that gray right outta my hair 😉   #winning

I attempted to keep my house clean and tackle the laundry and I wouldn’t invite any of you to ride in my Jeep these days.  I swear I am turning into such a procrastinator in my old age!  Am I the only one?  So many things to do at home and I find myself….mmmmmm doing anything but those projects.  I really need to get better at this.

Saturday I ventured out of town bright and early to a bodybuilding competition.  I’ve not been to one in a year!  I used to go to all the local shows.  It was a beautiful day for a drive and I got to catch up with many good friends.  I headed over to Whole Foods to see what I could see.  I’m still in prep (but probably not for long–more on that later) so my selections were limited…


I love this stuff–can’t find it anywhere near me and it’s ridiculously expensive but since I don’t have a Whole Foods less than an hour from me and it freezes well, I picked up a couple.


I was pretty excited to find this almond milk!  I’m thinking a splash in my coffee…and I’ve heard good things about this RXBAR.

But the BEST find of the day……………..


I can NEVER find Kabocha squash!  So excited!!!

So this day wiped me out.  I was asleep before my teenager got home (bad mom) but when I woke up at 11 I called and he was home safe and sound.  He worked for community service hours towards his JROTC ribbon at a children’s festival all day.  Super proud of him although I THINK this had more to do with the girl he went with but maybe I’m wrong.  Either way he did good 🙂

He and I worked on a science project (a hot mess but I’ll share when we are done) and purchased a Teletubbie costume.  For school.  Twin day.  He is a sophomore!  They still do that shi*?  Apparently so.  This involved a good 30 minutes of laughing to the point of tears while we both tried it on after we got home and he attempted to teach me to “dab” which I continually called “jab” and he said I was doing it all wrong!  Good times.


And now we are back to Monday, back to adulting.  Make it a great week people!!!  And be sure to check out Clean Eats, Fast Feets—she is hilarious and her daughter is adorable!

Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud

Hi!!!!!!!!  It’s Thursday and I’ve had my clothes off twice before noon today.  I’d say it has been a good day!  HA, not for the reasons all of you are thinking!!!!!!! 😛

Started off my day with day with my body fat testing in the BodPod.  I wrote about this once before >here.  Let’s just say it went a little better.  I’m still feeling WAY behind but this is normal.  Check-ins with my coach are tomorrow and I’m thinking I may have a carbless, cardioful weekend 😦  That’s ok.. Whatever it takes, right?

Round #2 (clothes off) Off to a visit to my dermatologist who I see once a year–because I’m a pasty white Irish girl with TONS of freckles! Unfortunately, this did not go as well as I had hoped. Had a few things cut out of my back and sent off to the lab. Pray for me ya’ll! Two years ago I had to have some treatments that were not fun, expensive, and threw me into a bit of a depression. Hoping for a better outcome this time!  If you have spent any time doing bad things to your skin (tanning bed, sun with no protection, smoking, tons of freckles<<not bad, just a part of life) you should get checked!!!

Took myself on a Starbucks date because that always makes me feel better! I was also featured on an Instagram page which was kind of cool. Check it out here! Give me a follow while you are over there @consistentfitnesslife too!

In other news………I made brownies!!!!!!!

Don’t get too excited.  They were a BIG FAT FAIL!  DRY AF!  Have to share the failures as much as the success stories, right?

Although I’m in prep, I also booked a photo shoot.  I’m excited.  I haven’t done much lately and this is going to be at a park…hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can do a fall theme–complete with cowgirl boots, flannel and denim cutoffs 😉

Today feels like Friday.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow.  And the weekend.  Going to be a busy one for me.  Anyone have any exciting plans???  Tell me something good!

Thank you to Amanda over at Running With Spoons for allowing us to all link up and read some random #TOL


Happy Tuesday!

Hello all you lovely people! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was just what I needed. I am 100x happier than last Monday although a bit emotional…

Watching all of the hurricane disaster unfold on television after just watching Texas go through it is just horrible. Irma is visiting us but only high winds and some ridiculous rain. 9/11 is on my mind as well. I’m sure most of us remember where we were…I was 8 months pregnant and living in Hawaii. I’ll never forget nor can those that gave everything on that day in so many ways. It doesn’t seem possible it was 16 years ago. I also can’t help but think of my Dad. Yesterday was his birthday. We haven’t spoken in 8 years. Sigh……..

In other news……….I’m sad summer is coming to an end 😦 I haven’t had the chance to highlight any of our summer trips here. My son and I visited Vermont (my home), Savannah, GA and one last quick trip to the Great Smoky Mountains in TN–along with several weekends at the beach which is my favorite!

Some of the highlights:

They painted this silo in Vermont—beautiful.  There were a couple of them.

silo - Copy

Tybee Island, Savannah GA


Arriving in TN and dinner at mom’s…she’s the best ❤


The view from our airbnb rental which was AMAZING!


We also visited Dollywood which I HIGHLY recommend!  Yes my 15 year old wanted to ride the Merry Go Round ❤


While waiting for our dinner reservation we walked around–never a shortage of moonshine in this state and you can sample away…


Our dinner selection was an excellent choice and although we took first available seating, I am so glad we got outdoor seating at Old Mill Pottery House Café and Grill.


Dinner was amazing and we tried their signature dessert–Lemonade Pie…I had a bite (or two) and was unfortunately a little disappointed but I’m a Key Lime fan anyway!


I hope you have all had a wonderful Summer–link your vacations–especially if they involve lots of pictures–and finitely if they involve food!


Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud

Kolby.pngGuys.  It’s realllllly hard to write when you’ve had a craptastic week.  Like it started Saturday and I’m STILL waiting for it to end!  OK, to be fair, today hasn’t been bad.  I really wanted to write a Happy Monday but it was far from happy.

Anyhoo……..moving on.  Cuz who likes a whiner?  Definitely not me.  Not even going to touch on the negatives.  Why?  They are in the past!

THANKFUL…So, let’s start with what I’m thankful for.  My son.  He may be a PITA (pain in the a** for those of you aren’t in the know 😉 but he’s been a huge help to me this week.  Gosh I can only hope I’m raising him to be a compassionate, kind, honest and grateful young man.

DIETING…don’t laugh–sometimes the monotony of being in prep for my show in November keeps me focused–or I should say as focused as I can be when your life did a 180 like–overnight and you MAY or may not have a touch of ADD!  I am not 10 weeks out and yes, I’m still scared to share photos ha!

IRMA…we haven’t even begun to get over the devastation in Texas and now Irma.  I pray Texas, Florida and probably me too (NC).  :\

STITCH FIX…I have a few friends who love this and I really want to try.  They keep sending me e-mails and one of these days I’m going to have a weak moment and just do it!  I have zero fashion sense and I haven’t bought new work clothes in …years?  Gym clothes, of course but I even had to put myself on restriction from that!

ZAYCON…ever heard of them?  Basically, meat in bulk–at a great price.  I’ve been ordering from them for years.  I’ve tried beef, turkey breast, chicken, salmon, shrimp, steak–check and see if they come to your area:

PUMPKIN…I’m one of those people who is thrilled about pumpkin season!  Bring on the basic b**** pumpkin everything LOL.  I’ve already got two recipes up and more to come!  PUMPKIN…and more pumpkin…Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

And to end my #thinkingoutloud with a #throwbackthursday…a few weeks ago in the Great Smoky Mountains when all I was worried about was making the most of my time with the ones I love and hoping I had enough coffee in the morning 🙂


So… let me know what’s on your mind–think out loud–it’s ok, we all talk to ourselves and remember, be true to your work, your word, and your friends…you can’t photoshop life!

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