New ideas

Hi!  Its been a few days…today is my last day in town before heading to Miami to compete and then I promise to be more present here…and share so I’m not alone.  SPEAKING OF…I’ve proposed to my mom to become my partner…she is the BEST cook ever.  I learned everything I know from her and some of my best childhood memories are in the kitchen with her.  Now I have definitely veered WAAAAY off the track of the way my mom cooks…but in a good way–I want to “healthify” everything if you will.  Sometimes that works…and sometimes it is a BIG FAT FAIL.  I use my teenager as my tester–I figure if a teenager will eat it and like it, anyone will!  HA!  So…the idea is to have my mom help me with this blog (she’s great with a camera!) and find consistency << in moderation with indulgent and … not so indulgent?  Thoughts?  I know my thoughts right now are nothing but indulgent after dieting for TWENTY FIVE weeks!  Wish me luck ya’ll!!!!!!!



What I Ate Wednesday

Don’t get excited. I’m not sharing what I ate. Why? Because 1. BORING and 2. I have no idea how to insert a photo…so much to learn.
I mean I could tell you what I’ve eaten so far but that’s even more boring than some pictures of some boring food.

I’m thinking of taking a course on this blogging thing and have a few in mind. I swear I’m not giving up.

I fly one week from tomorrow and will compete on Saturday, 19 November. I promise after that, things will get better!